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What the heck is self hypnosis?

And how can it help you develop as a person?

  • Well, with this brief self hypnosis guide I hope to explain all to you.
  • I hope to be able to show you that self-hypnosis is a safe way to reprogram old habits that aren't serving you any more.
  • And I recommend Hypnosis Downloads' online store for those familiar with self-hypnosis and eager to get the personal growth going!

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Self Hypnosis Downloads

What I say...

I offer this brief self hypnosis guide (with recommended self hypnosis program) as a user of self-hypnosis downloads (I've downloaded many self hypnosis mp3s from, for example) and as someone who recognises the personal growth potential in actively reprogramming your mind using self-hypnosis.

So, let me answer some questions first, and I'll borrow experts to do so.


Q1: What is hypnosis?

Well, according to the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis - one of the main professional organisations in the field,

"Hypnosis is a state of inner absorption, concentration, and focussed attention

"It is like using a magnifying glass to focus the rays of the sun and make them more powerful... learning self-hypnosis is the ultimate act of self-control"

The ASCH go on to say, and I paraphrase, that hypnosis is very much like being 'absorbed in thought' - a trance-state that everyone has experienced.

My own experience is that it feels like a heightened sense of awareness..


Q2: Is it safe?

Short answer: yes.

And the long answer is that distinguished medical institutions like the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association and even the British Medical Association have approved hypnotherapy for use.

You are always in control, the whole time. And the trances you go into are easy to come out of (hypnotic trances occur each day, naturally - like driving to work each day, and you don't remember parts of the journey).

My own experience is that it's safe - I found it to be positively stimulating. Just don't listen to a self hypnosis download, obviously, whilst you should be concentrating on doing something else (like driving).


Q3: How to do self hypnosis?

Well, simply put you visit an online self hypnosis store, and you download a self hypnosis mp3 that you listen to via headphones on your computer, smartphone or mp3 player. (Other forms of self hypnosis audio exist too, e.g. self hypnosis CDs, but MP3s are what I have had experience with.)

Listen to your self hypnosis downloads in a quiet place, and follow the instructions you hear. It's a lot like meditation, I find.


  1. Find ALL of your questions answered at Hypnosis Downloads 'Myths' page, should you still have a question that is!)

  2. Learn about hypnosis for yourself, in this free course!


What Hypnosis Downloads say...


Self hypnosis mp3s from hypnosis


As I said earlier I've used self hypnosis mp3s from Hypnosis Downloads (run by Uncommon Knowledge), and I found both the site easy to navigate and the self hypnosis programs I bought worked well (and were reasonably priced - some scripts less than US$13 each).

Hypnosis Downloads have been providing self hypnosis audio, of one kind or another, since 1995. In their words, "we work within our strict ethical guidelines to ensure that every program meets the highest professional standards, based on current research and knowledge." (Read more about them here...)

Hynposis Downloads is a great example of a self hypnosis downloads website.


Some example Hypnosis Downloads

Top 10 Hypnosis Downloads from

End Negative Thoughts
End those negative thoughts

Fear of Public Speaking
Destroy your fear of public speaking forever

More Motivation to Exercise
Motivate yourself to exercise your body more

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Overcome fear and anxiety

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Get more confidence now

Learn how to think like thin people

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Gently ease away unnecessary shyness

Dieting Motivation
Motivate yourself to go on that special diet.

Increase Self Esteem
Boost self esteem in minutes.

Boost Concentration
Boost your concentration now


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