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Inter - personal - relations?

It's a bit of a mouthful, that expression, but what it represents is how we relate to our outside world, I guess, and maybe even to our inside world too.

So developing good inter-personal relations is a good thing to do.

And here, on this page, you will find several ways to boost your interpersonal skills and thus help your relationships.

In particular, you'll find several ways to improve your interpersonal skills.



Interpersonal Relations

What I say...

So, did you know that interpersonal communication skills affects women (and men), love, health, business, family, education and your relationship with your (or other people's) children?

It also affects depression, romance, marriage, communication, society (in general), community, relationships, therapy, mental health, spirituality, nonverbal communication, work relationships, personal relationships, communication in relationships, human relationships etc., etc., etc.

And, this is about interpersonal communication skills, assertiveness, interpersonal skills, social skills, interpersonal communication etc., etc.

Clearly, it's important to have good relations if we are to get on and live with happiness in our lives.

Okay, it's time for some YouTube videos now to do the talking for a while, time for you to stop reading and start listening...



What I say on YouTube...

Basically, improving your relationships allows all concerned to feel more able to communicate who they are and what's going on with them - like oiling the machinery, so to speak. How to improve your interpersonal skills?

  1. Get over yourself - stop taking yourself so seriously

  2. Understand others - there is no-one on this planet who has the same experiences, same values, and the same hopes and fears as you. And that goes for everyone you meet

  3. Listen more - ACTUALLY, actively listen to what is being said and remember to do 1. and 2. as you do so

There are more ways to improve so-called interpersonal communication skills as the video reveals (and, obviously, you MUST practice, practice, practice!) but I think doing these 3 things well will most definitely help!



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