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Oh yeah, baby, I'm so smiley to be writing this page, I really am!

In fact, of the fifty or so websites that I have built over the years for myself (or clients) - I used to be a web designer, see - I can safely say that creating the Self Help Collective is my most satisfying work experience (so far!**):

  • I just love writing about this self-help stuff, even if I don't have all the answers.

  • And when the site is finished, it'll be fun and stimulating (and NOT a chore) to maintain.

  • Does that sound like a man contented with his working lot? I think so...

** I actually enjoyed creating and writing SMNash.com MORE, AND enjoyed writing and recording and updating my Remembering the 'Happiness Within' program even more still! Just sayin'..

Doing what you enjoy in life definitely helps you to feel good
That's what I say, anyway. And then all that you have to do is get involved and tell us what you think! Okay, enough about me (for now) - please read, enjoy, oh and get involved too (and tell us what you think)!

Happiness is... a smiling face (image)
Love is... sharing a smile with someone (like you) :-)



What the Self Help Collective says...

Well, this is what you'll find on the Self Help Collective website - the happy wisdom of many, all carefully selected and commented on by me:



What the heck is a happiness list? Well, it's the little (or big) things in life that make you happy. Many have shared already. Will you?...

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Elaine Sihera answers that age- old question "What is happiness?" as she helps define the state of being that eludes most...

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Michael Lee shares his wisdom in his short article on the subject of authentic happiness (clue: it's about acceptance). And more...

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Happiness is important. So says Michael Lee in his article 'The Art of Happiness - How to Live In Blissful Happiness.' Read more...

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Looking for happiness? Well, the secret is?... Me, Miami Philips and the band Maze all do our best to explain how you find it...

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Follow these tips! Cheer someone up; Feel grateful; Live in the moment; Listen to music; Take some well needed rest; and...

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Can you find happiness from an inspirational quotation? Hmm, maybe not, but these quotes can help, for sure. See why, here...

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Whether it's famous poems or inspirational poems or even inspirational quotes, we all love reading words about happiness!...

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How happy is the world, and how happy are you? Find out here, via surveys from the BBC, and others. I share MY survey too...

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What can be more important than love and happiness? Indeed. More quotations, then, reveal the glory that is love and happiness...

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Are you in pursuit of happiness or in pursuit of Will Smith's inspiring DVD The Pursuit of Happyness? Find discussions of both here...

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Find loads and loads of free funny sms here to make you smile! :-) Yes, these funny free sms jokes will make you laugh! Promise...

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What I say...

I can't give you a definition, or tell you what 'it' is, or even give you a 'how to' but I can sum up what it is to me, right now, if that will help.

Yes, this is my happiness list:

  • Listening to classical music, or a Drum n Bass toon, or a track by Lemon Jelly (see below)
  • Eating a raspberry jam sandwich, thick with butter
  • Sharing a smile with a stranger
  • Reading an inspiring poem or two
  • Stroking a dog or cat
  • Singing tunelessly in the shower (my fave: David Bowie's "Fill Your Heart With Love Today")

  • Kissing the woman I love

  • Discovering a fantastic new book to read, film to watch, or song to listen to
  • Looking out of a train at the passing English landscape
  • Laughing at a rubbish (or good) funny sms joke
  • Doing the things you'd do if you won the lottery, even when you haven't

  • Simply writing this list!

  • Despite all of the above, happy-ness is a most elusive beast indeed sometimes, and I haven't even talked about the authentic variety...

(What does your 'happy list' look like? Do let me know!)



More Happy Talk...

Clearly happiness is... quite the silliest thing, and very difficult to describe or calculate or even survey. It can only be felt, and experienced.

Inspirational quotes help give us a clue, I guess. As do funny sms messages. And poems help too!

But finding 'joy' is much more than understanding a quotation or two. And I do not believe the answer lies in the pursuit of happyness (though I did like Will Smith's film - it made me laugh and cry!).

Nor will we find 'salvation' by understanding the art of or how to find - but they do make for interesting reads, nevertheless.



Happy Video...

Ultimately, I think what makes me smile is some kind of action - in this case sharing my taste of music with visitors to the Self Help Collective.

And that would be a smiley tune by Lemon Jelly no less called 'Nice Weather for Ducks'


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