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Hello. This is Steve M Nash. And this is a pic of him when he was the most happy ever (so far) - aged 50 and 3 months old...



Unsolicited Testimonials - Your Feedback

About SelfHelpCollective.com - what You say...

To 'Summarise'...

This is one of my favourite testimonials for SelfHelpCollective.com. I like it because it sums up what I was trying to achieve when I first conceived of the site back in Feb/March 2008. The fact that Lam was much more able to articulate what I was trying to do in a way that I hadn't really appreciated was just a bonus, really. Thank you Lam.

"Hi Steve! I dropped by your site by following your profile after you commented on my blog and I must say that I was quite pleasantly surprised! I really love your "guru-free" ideals.

"So often, I see people chasing after the latest self-help fad/guru and it seems to me that they are merely trying to fill some void for a parental figure to give them what they never got during their upbringing. But your site embraces the fact that we are capable adults with the cognitive and emotional ability to heal ourselves and filter through the myriad of different messages to find what suits us best and what centers us most. I love that you trust that at our core is joy and health and that we don't have to be defined by our pathology.

"To be our own guides means that we have to accept that we did not have adequate guides or that we had those who misguided us. It also means having to mourn the loss of hope that someone will come and save us. But you structure your paradigm in such a positive manner, so that it's not about loss but about the celebration of our own individual potential. It's a wonderful message!"

"Of course, it is all so Buddhist in nature, which I very much appreciate.

Thank for your time and effort on your site!"

Dr Lam Huynh (PhD in clinical psychology), USA


The SelfHelpCollective.com site was conceived and created combining my passion and BAM (Brain, Attitude and Motivation) with the internet business-building software service that is known as SBI!. Aimed at beginners, even web professionals like myself - I've been building (and profiting from) websites since 1999 - can build successful web businesses using SBI!

In fact, I consider SBI! to be a fantastic self improvement tool, actually- as I explain on this page: Self Improvement Sites. Just sayin'!...


Inspirational family poems :-)
More funny inspirational quotes...


Comments About The Site

"According to Guru Pitka (how I love Mike Myers), Guru stands for: 'Gee, You Are You!' So, we each are our own guru... trying to recognize that myself! Thanks for creating a supportive, helpful, and fun collective - will be sure to return for more inspiration. Peace!"
-- Mariah, USA


"And let me say also that I really like what you're doing with your site. Your 'no guru' approach is most excellent, encouraging visitors to be their own guide/source of wisdom. And your 'I say...'and 'They say...' is very cool."
-- William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.


"Dear Steve, Your web site is wonderful and I found it at a perfect time in my life. It is helping me through a transitional period like millions of being unemployed and the stress that comes with it. It has helped me along with friends, and family to balance the tension, & stress that comes with being out of work and stay positive. Instead of sleepless nights viewing news websites when I need some peace and tranquility, to calm down, I visit your site and will each day. Thank you very much!"
-- Tracey Tillman, USA


"Thank you for putting up a web site of this positive nature."
Gary King, USA (Note: Gary shared his story, too!)


"This is an uplifting [site] with something for everyone. Visitors are blessed because you are inspired to inspire."
Liara Covert, Australia


" I love your website. everything thats written there is very true especially topic about effective communication."
-- Badette Velasvo, Australia


"Happiness was something I felt after clicking on your video link LemonJelly aka... Going on reading on your homepage I was even more happy.


"Dear Steve, thanks again for your lovely site. My head is "stuffy" with news for days now... It's on the radio, & TV and on the streets.. I come to your site, and it all empties out of my head and I can find some peace and a smile too. Being unemployed is only magnified with the busy news of the US and the World. I visit your site, and i can focus and find harmony. This enables me to work on my studies, and my hobbies of photograhy and music,( I am a vocalist)My hobbies help me relax in these very stress-filled times."
-- Tracey Lee Tillman, USA


"I think these quotes are like soul food. I love how they are so diverse and unique! I need them. Thank you I'm grateful!!!"
-- Lisa Bodhransong, USA


"I love your site and keep coming back to it. Currently using several of the inspirational quotes for my work as an art therapist. Thank you and very best of luck for the future!"
-- Christine Moody, UK


"I've just watched the Dr Randy and Jill Bolte Taylor videos - amazing in different ways and deeply touching. Thx"

-- Caroline Shipsey, UK


"I read the poem Desiderata. It filled me with peace and joy and reminded me of the wonderful training I have had as a nun, where most of the ideas in this poem were presented to me. I agree with the Poet Max Ehrmann that his poem is a poem for life."
-- Julia Patricia McLoughlin, UK


"Love 'The Invitation'. I have read her book. I also loved the poem by Mother Teresa. You got some great stuff there, Steve."
-- Jacqueline Johns, Australia


"I am doing a college essay on Positive Self-Image and this is one of the best websites to read about information for my paper., Thank you Sincerely and keep up the good work "
-- Gloria King, USA


"I have had low self esteem since a very young age and i have just found your site and i am going to try the tips and suggestions to improving my self esteem. You have done a wonderful thing by creating this site so that people can get advice and tips without having to admit to anyone else that they have been suffering due to their self esteem issues. Thankyou."
-- Sharon, Ireland (Note: Sharon also contributed a story about her low self esteem at the time, too!)



Thanks for reading this feedback page - what many kind people have said about SelfHelpCollective.com. I'm so pleased that so many have found value in this site.

So that's just about it.

All I have now are testimonials from other people who built SBI! sites too. Yes, SelfHelpCollective.com is a site powered by SBI!. And if you don't know what SBI! is then please check out this page where I explain (it's a link to a separate site - read my free guide to SBI!)

Thank you,
Steve M Nash



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