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Fear eats away love!

...Unfortunately. But there is good news - it works in reverse, too! All we have to do is recognise our F-E-A-R and do something about it...

  • And the journey starts here! You'll find links, articles and videos on the following fear-of subjects: intimacy, failure, rejection, commitment, success and public speaking.

  • We'll take a look at the most common frights like these: heights, dark, death, snakes, spiders and even strange scares like flowers! As well as the top 10 terrors too, and their causes.

And of course we'll look at the definitions of and overcoming F-E-A-R (and how you overcome it!) All we need to do now, is begin... (Oh, but it would be great if you get involved too and let us know what you think!)

The word 'fear' written on the chalkboard!
Today's lesson, girls and boys, is all about...



What the Self Help Collective says...

Well, this is what you'll find on the Self Help Collective website - fearfullness wisdom of the many, all carefully selected and commented on by me:



A brief look at what causes fear. Includes a scientific explanation, fear surveys and some of our most common fears named
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TOP 10

The list of top 10 fears on this page represents our deepest and greatest fears, as well as our most common fears...
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Whether it's about dating women (or men), or you'd simply like to get more out of life, this fear of rejection page is for you!...
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All about the very real fear that is success fear. How do you explain this fear to those who don't experience it? Well, read on...
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A fear of making a mistake? find a YouTube video giving relationship advice, quotes, and my own experiences of commitment fear...
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This fear limits us to a life that is 'less'. So read on to find thoughts from Sarah Cooper and myself on how we can overcome this fear...
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This fear can lead to lowered self-confidence, feelings of guilt and of failure and much of this fear stems from our childhood...
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This phobia - shared by most of us - CAN be overcome. And this page shows how - via an article, an amusing YouTube video, and...
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What is the worth of any life, or love, when it is overcome by fear? Truth is, fear is everywhere, as revealed by these quotations...
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Bryce Roadley shares some
secrets of overcoming fear. Also includes YouTube video help with facing fear. And I share too...
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Did you know that fear of flowers, fear of germs and fear of elevators are often some of the most common fears? Strange, huh!...
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A light-hearted look at fears like fear of flying, fear of public speaking and fear of heights. And cures to fears revealed, too...
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Fear - what I say...

Apparently, "people have only two natural fears at birth — the fear of falling and fear of loud noise" (this is according to Edward Hope who talks about fear of public speaking here!) However Bryce Roadley, in his article about overcoming fear, slightly disagrees. He thinks there's a third natural fear: "The only types of fear that one is born with are - fear of falling - fear of loud sounds - fear of abandonment."

Still, whether Edward is right or Bryce is right, it does look like most of our fears are learned. And the following fear quotation sums it up nicely:

"A child does not have to be taught how to be happy or the ways of love. It
is fear, hatred, and prejudice that have to be taught. And from the condition
of the world we can see that unfortunately there are some very good teachers."

-- Javan

Now, like you maybe, I don't know much else about the ins and the outs of that 4-letter word called fear! I'm not an expert on what causes fear or the types of fear that exists out there (or in here!). And I'm not even that clever at overcoming fear - though you do have to take action and to face your fears.

I am an expert, though - a real-life expert, no less - on 'suffering' from fear, and on my life being limited by ol' Freddy Four-Letters!

So I've been looking forward to writing these pages for quite some time.

And, hopefully like you'll experience when you read the pages, I've been learning lots as I write them.


"Shock, horror!..."

And the shocking thing about our fears, then - especially our deepest fears - is that they were all more-or-less learned when we were too young to know any better (and far, far too young to be put in charge of our adult responses for the next 50 years).

Well it shocks, even horrifies, me that some of my instinctive responses to intimacy, failure, rejection etc. were formed when I was a very young, very impressionable little boy just trying his hardest (but not smartest) to be loved and accepted...


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