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Now we'll see if you've been paying attention...

Hee hee. We all like tests, don't we? NOT! Well, actually the self help quizzes listed here are a bit of fun, actually. After all, the first step in solving a problem is recognizing that you have one.

  • So take your pick of our self-help tests ...and knock yourself out (a little)!


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"Hey, I thought this was meant to be noughts and crosses! D'oh!"

Tests and Quizzes on

Self help quizzes and tests - what they say...

Okay, here are links to the tests and quizzes that you can find at In no particular order, you'll find:

  1. Self Sabotage Quiz (on
    - Ooh, sounds nasty!

  2. Self Esteem Tests (on
    - Gotta make sure our self esteem is high enough, don't we!

  3. Self Confidence Course (on
    - Ah, this is one of them there email courses, I believe...

  4. Free Personality Quiz
    - How well do you know yourself? And what is your next growth step? (That's what would like to know. And me, too! Well?... Seriously, this free personality quiz asks some great questions!)

  5. Emotional Intelligence Test
    - from

  6. Self help tests
    - from Psychology Today

  7. End Relationship Quiz
    Daniel Pickens' website offers an excellent, quick quiz you can use to help you decide whether your relationship is over or whether you should stick in there and try to make it work. Daniel's quiz is free and no email address is needed.

Ar, that's it I'm afraid. More coming soon, I'm sure...



Self help tests and courses - what I say...

I say that I must try harder in my test to find self help tests and courses that you will like to take online AND I must also try harder in finding some decent videos on YouTube that relate to the subject too.

In the meantime please let me know what you think of our tests and courses page - thanks.

And remember, if you get the quiz, test or course wrong... you can always do it again, and get a better score!

Cos even Karl Marx, Mao Tse Tung, Lenin and Che Guevara get the questions wrong sometimes...

By the way, yes this was my failed attempt to find a self help test or quiz on YouTube. Aye, this was the best of the lot, to be sure. (Good ol' Monty Python. You can find more Python videos on this huh page, and more inspirational videos on this, er, inspirational videos link!)


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