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You can reduce stress in your life, today - and here's how...

Listen to my thoughts on Rajni Sharma's wisdom below, that's how! Rajni's tips for stress management can be summed up thus:

  • Eat well, exercise often, stop procrastinating, change your perception of reality to a more helpful one, relax and play, and develop a supportive network of friends and peers.

If you do all these things, then I'm pretty sure your days of high stress levels are behind you.

And that, most definitely, will be nice!



Living A Low Stress Life

Stress management tips - what Rajni Sharma and I say...


NOTE: Rajni Sharma runs

Some of the stress management strategies I share in the video above include:

  • Know what's really important to you - e.g. is earning good money really worth the high-stress? Could there be a better choice?

  • Understand that stressing the body with a poor diet, and not enough rest, WILL make it harder for you to function effectively, which leads to...

What I don' share in the video above, but I now consider to be much more important than simply 'managing stress' is this:

  • Stress usually comes from our thinking: we want to control how things turn out, and the more 'disempowered' we feel, the more we feel stressed. (This is explained within the teachings of Michael Neill's Supercoach website, should you be interested.)

...As you can see, then, I actually may not be a good person to talk to regarding stress management tips.

The reason?

I have a very low tolerance for stress, and usually change my circumstances as soon as I can to remove myself from the situation.


Well, when I used to work in an office job for somebody else's company, I found that no matter how hard I worked there was always more work to do. And, in the end, I so did not enjoy the stress of working for this company that I quit. Yep, I just quit my stressful job at Bristol & West Building Society - enough was enough, I thought!

Admittedly, I was a computer programmer at the time, which meant I could get another job pretty easily. Still, I ended up working as a Temp for £3 per hour for 3 months and many of work colleagues thought I was mad (I had previously been earning much more than that, and went on to earn £25 per hour in my next job.)


See what I mean? I'm not sure that managing your stress by avoiding the problem in the first place is necessarily the best tip. Though it did work. And I now live a very stress-free life, working for myself, the hours that I want. Fancy that, eh!

And I know that if I'm ever in a stressful situation again, I'll either take myself away from it - whatever the cost - OR, I'll understand the importance of my thinking...

  • So maybe there is something to be said for removing the problem from your life, if you can, after all.

  • Maybe stress is all in the mind, as Rajni suggests.

  • And maybe there's something to be said for understanding what stress actually is a la Michael Neill.



What Anton Hout has to say...

What can be more stressful than being bullied?

Whether at school, at work or even at home, bullying by a schoolmate, colleague or even your spouse (or parent or child) can quite often lead to high levels of stress.

So whilst Anton Hout's excellently researched focusses on overcoming bullying, you'll also find some very helpful stress management info there too. This is a good source of stress management tips.

How to Overcome Bullying. provides information and resources to help you overcome school and workplace bullying, mobbing and harassment. Speak Out Now! The Speak Out system gives your school or workplace a unique, innovative and affordable way of dealing with abuse.

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