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How many self-help sites does it take to change a light bulb?

I'm joking, obviously, but... there ARE a lot of websites out there, aimed at self improvement. So, here...

  • The following self improvement websites listed on this page – portals and resources aimed at web self help – ALL have the following thing in common: SBI!
  • Find a fine list of self help improvement sites, AND learn more about the internet-business-building software service called SBI!...

That's it, really, other than to say that the sites below were created by people like you and people like me - all using SBI!. Ordinary people just trying to make a difference using their own skills and driven forward with their own passions.

So I (politely) suggest that you visit one of the free self help information sites below and see if you think the people who created the sites - again, ordinary people like you and me - succeeded in that goal.



Self Improvement Sites

Selfhelp etc. - what I say...

I say that all of the self help improvement websites that follow really do help you help yourself.

I've listed the self-help sites in no particular order, but I do recommend that you visit at least one of them, today...

Self Help Collective


"Guru-free self-help"

Ahem. Well it would be remiss of me to discuss self improvement sites without mentioning the Self Help Collective. Wouldn't it?

Basically, the Self Help Collective is about the wisdom of many being greater than the wisdom of one (i.e. the one guru). So it offers guru-free self-help, and it urges you to help yourself (with what you don't know) AND help others too (with what you do).

Verdict: Hmm, why don't you tell me!...


Perfect Apology


"Need The Perfect Apology?"

This is one of the loveliest 'self improvement sites' I visited when doing research for After all, saying sorry is actually quite a hard thing to do, but we all do make mistakes in life (that's what it means to be imperfect, don't you know). Not only that, is a really nicely designed site, too.

Verdict: Visit! Now! ('Sorry' to be so demanding!)


Authentic Self


"How can you become your authentic self?"

Helen Williams has created a compelling website all about you - your authentic self. It covers the usual self-help issues of stress, fear and even hope, but becoming your authentic self is so much more than that. And that's where comes in...

Verdict: Great for finding out how great you truly are!



NOTE: All these self improvement sites are created by Solo Build It!
(SBI!) by people like you, believe it or not, who just happen to
have a passion for self-improvement. What's your passion?

And SBI! uses a philosophy that goes (more or less) like this:
to help yourself, help others. Sound familiar?

Solo Build It! Passion Page

...Find out how Site Build It! could help you combine your passion
into a money-making website of your very own. Really!


Mind Your Reality


"Change the invisible and the visible will follow"

There are many self improvement sites about the mind, but this is one of my favourites - "your ultimate guide to using mind power to create your reality". It's a lovely-looking site that encourages you to learn how to use your mind in more positive, beneficial ways. I'm a big fan of mind-power and will be visiting this site often - I suggest you do, too!

Verdict: Visit and subscribe to the free newsletter.


Beyond The Quote


"Famous Motivational Quotes, Sayings and Thoughts That Will Help Guide You on Your Path to Success"

Inspirational quotations are all well and good, but what do they actually mean when it comes to living your life as well as you can? Well, seeks to answer that question by going beyond the quote (clever, eh!) Good newsletter too.

Verdict: Visit if quotations is your thing.


Power of Giving


"The power of giving. Are you a believer?"

Well I am a believer, and that's why I'm going to give a link to this excellent, thought-provoking website.

I really do believe that one of the best ways to help ourselves is to help others, and Power of Giving shows you how to do just that.

Verdict: Visit, and give! :-)


Note: Alexa traffic ranking is an estimate of site popularity - the lower the number, the more popular the site; e.g. is 300,000th most popular site on the web! (Ish.)



What these recommended resources say...

If you're interested in checking out some more self help websites, or even some more sbi sites, then this is the place for you. Yes, more self help resources await

More SBI! Self Improvement Sites (*)...

  • The Benefits of Positive Thinking
    It's great to have the benefits of positive thinking explained so clearly as in the case of Cris's website. Lots of glowing testimonials from other site visitors too. Topics include positive stories, positive habits, positive art... Worth a visit!

  • Depression Test
    A comprehensive resource of information on depression including the causes and effects, treatment strategies, and tools for managing depression. Also provides support, advice and on-line depression tests for assessing whether professional assistance could be beneficial.

    More SBI! self improvement sites...

  • Essential Life Skills - Personal growth and development
  • Woman's Divorce - Divorce advice and help for women
  • Consistent Parenting Advice - If parents got it 'more right' then there'd be much less need for sites like Maybe!
  • - Memory improvement tips & advice
  • Find and Keep True Love - "Your trusty toolbox for the romance blues"

(*) Again, the above self improvement sites were all built using Solo Build It!

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