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One step at a time...
  • Sounds corny, I know, but self-improvement and self-motivation comes from taking step-by-step targeted action.
  • It also helps if you take these steps from a stable base - a stable home-life, with a healthy body, and a life in balance with itself.
  • And discovering motivation tips that work for you, that's always going to aid your self improvement...



Self Improvement and Self-Motivation

What I say...

Self improvement and motivation go hand in hand, they really do - truly, a virtuous circle of ever-increasing benefit! Motivation encourages you to take some kind of self-improvement action, which in turn develops you as a person and your self 'improves', which in turn encourages you to take yet MORE action...

But which comes first? Or does that not matter, and you should just start somewhere?

Hmm, well I guess it's important to know WHY - why do you want to align yourself to self improvement ideas that work, and why do you want to be motivated?

For me, self-improvement/motivation is about the following:

  • BEING the best me I can be - and being on this 'best me' journey for as long as I possibly can (and my newsletter encourages all to just that, by the way!)

So what motivation tips do I rely on, then?

  1. I try to stay foccussed on a few self improvement ideas at a time
  2. I try to put one idea into action each and every day
  3. I love being inspired by daily inspirational quotes - just as long as conditions a. and b. are met

Which means I also avoid distractions like television, YouTube, Facebook, mobile phones and other forms of disruptive communications. (I indulge in some of these 'activities' but mostly only in a scheduled manner.)

Obviously, our self improvement journey is a never-ending one, so we should always be striving for 'more' or 'further' or even 'less' (e.g. 'letting go' is such a powerfully transforming life-state to embrace, it really is).

So, yes, every day you should be 'better' than yesterday. And if you make worse mistakes today then just learn from them! A life without mistakes is not much of a life, after all. As it means a life without risk, or growth, or... improvement.

(I have more to say about this topic, and do so in the video below - enjoy!...)



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