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How many self-help sites does it take to change a lightbulb?

Yes, it's true - there are lots of self improvement websites out there! And the is not the only site claiming to be your self help portal.

Actually, it's okay! Some of these websites (like are also worthwhile places to visit if you're serious about self-improvement. (You are, aren't you?)

  • And this page is simply a list of what I consider to be the best self help forums, resources, portals and websites around.

And, of course, if you know of another self-help website then do let me know. I may well include it on this page. Thanks.


Self help websites, forums, resources etc. - what I say...

Where, exactly, is your self help portal, your web self help? Well, the self-help website you've been looking for could be listed below, you never know!

Steve Pavlina


"Personal development for smart people™"

Steve Pavlina has developed a comprehensive (and popular) self-help website. It includes self help forums, articles and even audio self help resources. Interestingly, Steve is a recent convert to the last 'self-help website' in this list - Site Build It!

Verdict: Worth a visit


Self Improvement Guide


"Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Self Improvement But Never Dared To Ask"

Contains all the usual self help resources like articles on anger management, positivity and self esteem etc, as well as inspirational quotations

Verdict: Simple, if somewhat anonymous self-help site


Higher Awareness


Offering 20 personal development and spiritual growth programs at Higher Awareness

"Know yourself & grow yourself" Since 1999.

A mixture of free and paid-for resources all dedicated to your own self-awareness (and self-development), this is more of a spiritual than a self-help site. I've not yet purchased any of their programs (but will do, soon) but I am a subscriber to the Higher Awareness newsletter (offering inspirational quotes and tips) and most days this newsletter makes me think (in a positive, 'growthful' way).

The reason I say I'll sign up for membership of their site, apart from so I can take the Self Awareness Journey, is that I really like the idea of continued, focussed learning and that's what offers.

Verdict: Helps you along your spiritual journey - worth becoming a member!


Solve Your Problem


"Dream it. Then Achieve it." Since 1998

Very busy self-help website contains articles on just about every self-help topic you can imagine (and some you can't). I recommend that you know what self help improvement issue you're particularly concerned about otherwise you could spend all day on this website. :-)

Verdict: Contains perhaps too much self help information for my liking!


Quick breather!... And now the rest of these recommended self help websites.


Guy Finley *


Life of Learning Foundation

Guy Finley is a highly regarded spiritual teacher. His focus is always on being your True Self. And that requires no action on your part other than awakeness and living in the present moment. And his website is geared up to helping you do just that.

The site has loads of free material, but you can also buy DVDs, self help audio, books, ebooks, as well as watch/listen to Guy giving inspirational talks.

Verdict: Highly recommended, but more spiritual than self-help


"The internet supersite for Self Improvement and Personal Growth."

This very popular self-help website is by Michelle and David Riklan. It contains articles, inspirational quotes, a discussion board and newsletters with over 100,000 subscribers. My only criticism is that there may be too much unedited self help info with links to more, more, more self help websites....

Still, I do have an 'expert' page at

Verdict: Worth visiting, but prepare for information overload


Heal Your Life


"You can heal your life"

This is a magazine-like way of doing self help websites. And I guess that's because it's a product of Hay House publications whose authors include Wayne Dyer, Carolyne Myss and, of course, Hicks Abraham.

So this may or may not be your kind of self help website. If it is, you'll find

*Daily Affirmations
*Event schedules
*Photo albums
*Videos and movie clips
*Author twitters
*Facebook updates

Verdict: A source of daily inspiration



And finally... Last but not least of the self help websites.


Solo Build It! (SBI!)


Helping yourself is the best form of self-help.

SBI! does not self-help information, it simply urges you to self-help ACTION!...

Okay, let me explain here. Solo Build It! (SBI!) is internet business-building software. In fact, SBI! transforms lives, if you let it - as I did (I had NO idea I wanted to create a self-help website, and later become a transformative coach, until I started using the SBI! Action Guide). Yes, I think SBI helps enable people to live their dreams, to literally help themselves to a more fulfilling life, and all via helping others first (with great content). So that's why I say that you will not find self help information at this website, but you will find a fantastic opportunity to help yourself.

Verdict: Highly recommended (just ask Steve Pavlina!)

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