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Helping others is the first step to helping yourself

That's what I say, anyway. And it's not a bad self improvement tip from off the top of my head! And there's plenty more free selfhelp like that below!

Yes, Rasheed Ali shares his wisdom with us all, via the YouTube video below (as voiced by me).

And Rasheed's self-help information tips include:

- Pay attention to your thoughts,
- Learn a new physical skill,
- Count your blessings,
- Persevere, etc.

And I'm sure you have some tips too. Care to share your tips with us?


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Self Help Tips

What I say...

I really like it when people share great self-help wisdom like Rasheed Ali has done. Seriously, if you follow his self help advice you really will feel much better about your life, and it will only take you 7 days too.

So I guess that's my biggest tip for you and I both:

Take action, with what you read/hear/watch...


Make sure that action is focussed action! And finish the activity before you get distracted with some other 'must improve' aspect of self-help. (The internet is such a MASSIVE source of free self-help information, is it any wonder people get addicted to it - reading more and more and more, without actually doing any of it! My tip: STOP that; take focussed action instead!)

This single act of self improvement could well be the difference between you (and I) making noticeable progress in our personal development and our feeling that we're just treading water (splish, splash splosh!).

So I'll repeat it, here: take focussed action with what you read

Okay, let's get going with the Rasheed Ali's self help development shall we!...



What Rasheed Ali says...



NOTE: Rasheed Ali's website is
(link no longer works - Steve)

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