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"Listen to my voice... I shall say this only once!!"...

Seriously, self help not only comes in books from stores like Amazon and websites like SelfHelpCollective.com - it also comes as MP3, CD, DVD and even on tape! But then you probably knew that!

In some cases the self-help message has simply been converted from one medium (e.g. books) to another (e.g. audiobooks). Other times, though, self help CDs or DVDs are created specifically for that medium (e.g. hypnosis downloads as mp3s, or brainwave entrainment as CDs or...)

  • Anyway, this page is only an introduction to such audio. On it, you'll find some general audio categories listed, some example self help stores to purchase the audio from, as well as some thoughts about subliminal self help from Dave Sprooth and myself.

  • Dave Sprooth's focusses specifically on choosing subliminal CDs or MP3s and what you should look for...



Self Help Audio

What I say...

Well the first thing I'm going to say about this is that I have limited experience of self help CDs and the like.

Yes, I have listened to some self hypnosis from HypnosisDownloads.com and found them to be most helpful, and do intend to use more soon, and I've experimented with subliminal audio of one form or another.

But, generally, I prefer my self help to be read. What I do know, though, is that self help audio is very popular online, and the self-help changes that can result can be powerful indeed.

Broadly speaking, such audio can be grouped thus:

  • Self help tapes

  • Self help audio books

  • Self help CDs

  • Self help DVDs

  • Self help mp3s

(See the recommended resources link at the bottom for relevant websites or products/services.)


Many famous self-help books can be found on the above medium. But generally, you'll find specific products aimed at solving a particular self-help problem; e.g. self confidence, weight loss, stress, insomnia, fear of success, divorce etc.

And, as you'll see below, you can also get subliminal audio - i.e. audio where you don't actually know what you're listening to. And that can be difficult to determine whether or not the product is working. (In fact Quackwatch(TM) doesn't believe in much of what it calls 'questionable self help products'.)

I am very much no expert here, so I welcome your experiences if you have any - thanks.

Now it's time for Dave Asprooth to whisper quietly into your ear about what to look for in subliminal audio...



What Dave Asprooth has to say...



NOTE: Dave Asprooth's website is http://www.sprudio.net



Self help audio - what these recommended resources say...

  • Self help tapes

    Example self help tapes store - HypnosisDownloads.com
    (Self-hypnosis is explained on this page, by the way!)

  • Self help audio books

    Example self help audiobooks stores - include Audible and Amazon.com .

  • Self help CDs

    Example self help cds store - HypnosisDownloads.com
    (They also sell DVDs, self help tapes, e-books - self-hypnosis is explained on this page, by the way!)

  • Self help DVDs

    Example self-help DVD store - Nightingale

  • Self help mp3s

    Examples self help mp3s store - Submliminal Audio.

  • Relaxation music and videos
    Sometimes, it's just about relaxation. And the Enhanced Healing website provides just that: relaxation music, positive affirmations (and even online counseling) all aimed at reducing stress and anxiety, and promoting health and wellness.

  • Binaural beats

    Binaural -Beats Geek.com is for you if you are looking to find out more about the crazy world of brainwave entrainment (and binaural beats) - and want to have fun while you do it. You'll learn about binaural beats and isochronic tones from Carl Harvey - an easy-to-understand (and fun!) guide. Great if you want to start to meditate, get into visualization or would simply like to deeply relax.


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