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My Favourite Articles on

Self-help articles - what I say...

There are many self-help articles on the Self Help Collective website. Well, duh! And some of them are truly inspirational! And I'm not bragging, either, because I didn't write them and they're not my thoughts. So help yourself below to my favourite self help information, and who knows what you might discover about yourself afterwards! :-)

Anger Management
Tips For Anger Management (what Trevor Johnson says)
Anger Management Movie (what a Hollywood movie says)


6 Signs You're Not Assertive Enough... (What Larina Kase says)


Communication Skills
Communication in Relationships (what Richard Mansell says)
11 Unusual Tips for Great Listening Skills (from Peter Murphy)


33 Most Common Fears (what I say, ahem!)
Fear of Commitment (what I also say - erm!)
Fear of Success (what Jeanne May says)


Goal Setting
5 Secrets to Help You Reach ALL Your Goals * (Christine Kloser)


What is Happiness? * (What Elaine Sihera says)
Find Happiness By Looking Inside * (what Miami Phillips says)


Trust Your Gut and Find Your Passion * (Lynne Robinson)
Finding your passion (Michael A. Verdicchio's perspective)


Personal Development
Your Personal Development Plan (what Alicia Forest says)


Positive Attitude
Developing a Positive Mental Attitude (what Gary Miller says)
Positive Attitude Tips (what Karen Wolff says)
Positive Affirmations and How To Use Them (Cristina Diaz)


Boost Your Self-confidence in 7 Days... (Our free email course)
Ten Tips to Increase Your Self-confidence (Emmanuel Segui)


Five Tips To Help You Boost Your Self-Esteem * (Mike Jennings)
How to Develop Positive Self-image (Several contributors)
About Self-sabotage (Several contributors)


7 Tips To Improve Your Mental Health * (Rasheed Ali)


7 Self-improvement Tips (what says!!)


3 Principles Of Success * (what Maurine Patten says)


(*) - These are my particular favourites! How about you - what self help articles do you like best?

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