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Do you find it difficult to hear criticism of yourself?

  • Well, keep answering 'yes' to questions like these (in the test below) and chances are that you're suffering from low self esteem

  • That's according to DR Marilyn Sorensen's self esteem assessment anyway - and she's the Director of the Self Esteem Institute

  • And if you need a second opinion, you will find several other popular self-esteem tests including links to the Rosenberg self esteem scale.

Ooh, I bet you can't wait...



Self Esteem Tests...

What I say...

I took Marilyn J Sorensen's self-esteem test and let's just say that there's room for improvement!

Interestingly, though, if you take a long, hard look at the questions her test asks you'll find clues as to what having self-esteem is all about - a kind of 'symptoms of low self esteem', you might say.

Anyway, I encourage you to take the self-esteem test(s) below, or any of the others listed. And, remember, you can always learn how to boost your self-esteem beforehand!

So do let us know how you got on with these tests, though, won't you!

Better, still why don't you share some of your low self esteem signs with us all! It's good to share.

But I'll leave you with this thought on self-esteem - a self-esteem test of my own. And it comes by way of an inspirational self-esteem quote:

"To live a creative life, we must
lose our fear of being wrong."

-- Joseph Chilton Pearce



Self esteem tests - what Marilyn J Sorensen has to say...

Below you will find DR Marilyn J Sorensen's self-esteem test. Marilyn's formal title is Marilyn J Sorensen, PhD, Psychologist & Author, Director: The Self-Esteem Institute - so I think it's safe to say she knows what's what when it comes to self-esteem tests.

Marilyn has given me permission to "print out the test on your website if you then direct them to my website to take it interactively" and that is what I'm going to do. However, due to laziness on my part (a little - I had to type out the questions from her self-esteem test) and wanting to maintain Marilyn's copyright, I'm only going to include the first ten questions of her self-esteem test.

If you want to take this self-esteem test interactively then simply visit the link at the end of the self-esteem test.

Okay, questions maestro please...

DR Marilyn Sorensen's Self-Esteem Test

Make a note of all the questions below that you answer yes to. Count them. And check your score at the end:

  1. I generally feel anxious in new social situations where I may not know what is expected of me.
    (My answer: yes!)

  2. I find it difficult to hear criticism about myself.
    (My answer: no, but I used to!)

  3. I fear being made to look a fool.
    (My answer: yes, but I'm working on it!)

  4. I tend to magnify my mistakes and minimize my successes.
    (My answer: hmm!)

  5. I am very critical of myself and others.
    (My answer: no - hooray!)

  6. I have periods in which I feel devastated and/or depressed.
    (My answer: no.)

  7. I am anxious and fearful much of the time.
    (My answer: no.)

  8. When someone mistreats me I think that I must have done something to deserve it.
    (My answer: no.)

  9. I have difficulty knowing who to trust and when to trust.
    (My answer: not sure.)

  10. I often feel like I don't know the right thing to do or say.
    (My answer: hmm again!)

There are 40 more questions in Marilyn's self esteem test. (By the way a good score is saying yes to less than 4 questions. I'm not sure I'd have got less than 4)

Anyway, take Dr. Marilyn Sorensen's self-esteem test here!


Self esteem tests - what Rosenberg has to say...

Self esteem scale test - Rosenberg's self esteem scale test

The Rosenberg self esteem scale is a widely-used test, involving a 10-item Likert scale with items answered on a four point scale - from strongly agree to strongly disagree. (As you'll see at the link below.)

An interactive version of Rosenberg's Self-Esteem Scale


REMINDER: If you find (or suspect) that you have got low self esteem, a really good way to make an immediate change is to record your symptoms of low self esteem... Really.

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