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'Loneliness', eating disorders and more...

Hmm, issues of low self esteem don't come more difficult to deal with than these, do they. The good news, though, is that everything can change once you recognise and acknowledge. Read on, and:

  • Discover more about eating disorders, below
  • Find my thoughts on other self-esteem issues, too
  • Watch a music video from The Streets called "Empty Cans"
  • Share your own self esteem issues too, if you like

Yes, do let us know about your self esteem issues - thank you.

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Self esteem issues

What I say...

We all have esteem issues from time to time. I know I do, anyway.

Either our self-esteem is low and we just don't know how we can improve it, or we've had good self esteem but every now and then - bam! - down the self-esteem goes, and off we go into a familiar negative downward spiral...

Maybe it's dealing with loneliness - that feeling, every now and then, that nobody really understands us, or is 'there' for us. Or maybe it's about not being 'popular' at work or with friends. Maybe one of the issues we have is an eating disorder - we binge or starve ourselves, because of some false self image or body image.

Or maybe it's even because, deep down, you just think "you can't". (By the way, you're wrong - "you can!" )

The causes of low self esteem are many, for sure. These issues can begin at any point in our lives, and could be due to nature OR nurture:

  • Nature - we might have inherited a low self-esteem from our parents

  • Nurture - a 'bad thing' might have happened to us, that we have not yet recovered from

  • Nurture - or maybe our parents didn't encourage us enough (because their parents did not encourage them enough...)

  • Nurture - you might have been bullied for being 'different' in some way, or less 'perfect' than everybody else, and this has affected your self-belief

Whatever the causes of low self esteem, there are no easy cures, but boosting your self esteem is possible - you just have to want to do it!

You have to want to do it, want to challenge yourself and challenge your reasons for believing little of yourself, AND you have to be able to recognise that you have a particular self esteem issue in the first place.

More example self esteem issues, then:



What YouTube says...

The Streets (Mike Skinner) - "Empty Cans". There is no video to watch, but if you listen to the words of this song - the last song on excellent story-album A Grand Don't Come for Free - then I think you'll understand the highs and lows familiar to all of us who want to blame anyone but ourselves for how our life is going. Maybe. I love this song, and am glad I remembered to include it here! :-)

WARNING! There are swear words like 'f*ck' and 'c*nt' in this video. Mike Skinners words are real, as is his 'pain'. I include this video as I believe it to be uplifting - the message at the end, anyway - as well as the depressingly familiar (and unnecessary) downward spiral in the first part of the song...

(This is a real look at a typical example of low self esteem!)


What these recommended resources say...

YOU! You are a recommended resource after all - what do you say about eating disorders, for example, or other causes of low self esteem in you?

What do your low self esteem signs look like?

Please do share! Sharing helps - it helps the reader and it helps the sharer! Really.

Share you low self esteem signs here!

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