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"Build your self-confidence if you want to do well in life"

So says Emmanuel Segui in his 'Ten Tips to Increase Your Self-Confidence' piece that I summarise in my video below. Yes, self-confidence is that important!

And Emmanuel's self confidence tips and techniques will help you improve your self confidence, and they are:

- Have clear goals,
- Find a mentor,
- Associate with positive people,
- Pay attention to how you look,
- Don't fear failure, etc.

And his tips will also help you deal with life's ups and downs too. A bonus, for sure.

You'll also find a YouTube video on building and improving self confidence.

So I'm confident, very, that you will find what you're looking for here!...



Ten Tips to Increase Your Self-confidence

What I say...

Ah, self-confidence that elusive and wily ol' fox! One minute you're on top of the world oozing confidence and feel-goodness, the next you're feeling down and out after fluffing your lines again!

...Or something like that!

We all have self confidence and we all lack it, at times, too. And we all know how much better life feels when we approach it with a confident, positive attitude.

Emanuel's confidence tips
below are really just sensible ways to live your life the best way. They show you how to improve your self confidence, for sure, but I would argue that they also show you how best to deal with any and all situations you are bound to face in your life.

For example, I've just split up with my girlfriend at time of writing this paragraph (it's June 23rd, 2008, and we broke up at the end of May). And, guess what, it doesn't feel nice! But I know that if I follow Emanuel's self confidence tips that I will enjoy my life as much as I can as I try to get over the end of another relationship and to move on. And I'm sure my confidence will be boosted too!

(It was! We ALWAYS get over the end of relationships, no matter how painful and how long it takes, but we always do! And I update this page on 21st January, 2013, having 'moved on' - confidently so. The thing is life is ALWAYS changing, that's just how it is, and confidence lets you be okay with that...)

So whilst I applaud the Emmanuel's tips, I believe it's important to understand a fundamental truth of who you are: YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU REALISE!

And true confidence comes from understanding this truth no matter what happens to you on a day-by-day basis!

Yes, please do what William James urges us to do:

"Act as if what you do
makes a difference. It does."



What Emmanuel Segui has to say...


NOTE: Emmanuel Segui's website is http://www.vision-to-action.com


What YouTube also says...

How to build your self-confidence? Watch this YouTube video, that's how!

Summary of the self confidence tips (from PickTheBrain.com in the YouTube video above):

  1. Dress well - you feel better
  2. Walk faster - get a sense of importance
  3. Stand up straight - feel more confident
  4. Compliment others - steer clear of gossip
  5. Speak up and to say what you think

And who are we to argue with this Jennifer Aniston-lookalike?

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