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"There is always something more I can learn!"

  • That's what Caroline says in her video on YouTube below. (There are other personal growth YouTube videos below, too!)

  • But I'm wondering whether all these videos, and self-help websites are worth the cost of improving yourself.

  • I also want to know how personal development differs from self-improvement, if at all.

Thankfully, I have included links to expert resources that will attempt to explain all. Maybe. Please note that, my tongue was firmly in my mouth (I mean, my cheek!) when I created this page.

I figure that a little bit of levity never hurt no-one...



Personal Improvement

What I say...

What's the difference between personal improvement and personal development? Hey, I'm being serious here I'd like to know. I created a page for both topics - people do searches for information on both self help subjects, so why not! - but I really am not sure of the differences, if any. How about you?

  • Is one man's 'improvement' another woman's 'development'?

  • Is improvement different, better or worse than development? Do you get to read better articles. Is a personal improvement plan different to a personal development plan? And what have personal growth tools got to do with either?

  • Is it about buying self help books?

  • Or how about hypnosis? Is personal development that important to you that you will willingly buy one of these self-hypnosis downloads to help with personal development (from - helping since 1995) and hypnotise yourself every day?


Yep, I too am a little confused! I think you need to be fairly sorted in the first place to know where to begin when it comes to personal development, I really do. (And that's why I've listed my own favourite self-help books on this page - books that have really helped me, with the reasons why!)

Well, you have to begin somewhere I guess. That's the most important part of improving yourself after all, beginning! So let's see what YouTube has to say...



What YouTube says...

Yes, if you don't improve yourself right now young lady (or young gentleman) then you surely will have to go onto YouTube and watch self improvement videos like the ones below.

'Personal development growth' videos? On YouTube? That's right - YouTube is full of 'em! And you thought YouTube was all about slapstick, US presidential elections, Madonna videos, video bloggers (vloggers) and, er,weird lyp-synching stuff! Apparently not!...

Video #1

Christine Breese has got a good attitude to personal development, I will grant you that.


Okay, this next YouTube video must scare you enough to improve yourself so that you no longer need to know about 'personal improvement'. If it doesn't, nothing will and you will be one doomed individual!

Video #2

Clayton Cheney is one talented individual. But, dude, what were you thinking!


And another thing about personal development and growth, once you're finished with it you will never have to watch 'The Secret' or listen to people spouting on about 'The Law of Attraction' etc.

Video #3

(Hey, this is just a clip about our beautiful planet - it's inspiring, actually!)


Finally, take a look at this (10 minute) video that talks about the secret of happiness being education and self improvement. Fair enough...

Video #4

says, "Learning is rediscovering the world" - great stuff!

And, if you're still reading this and wanting to improve yourself, then take a look at yourself in the mirror - do those shoes really go with those trousers?...

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