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...And how many of these fears do you suffer from?
  • Hey, you get to choose from fear of flying, fear of public speaking, fear of heights.
  • Or if those types of fear don't do it for you - bit too common - how about one of those strange fears like fear of clowns or fear of flowers?...

You think I'm joking, don't you? I'm not! The human race is cursed with a wide range of fears, as revealed below, that truly does say a lot about us as a species.

Most common fears - fear of spiders!
Awwh, who could be scared of these lil critters?

  • And you'll see what I mean when you look at this list of fears - 33, count em! - that I've prepared for you.

And it makes me wonder: are you free of all of these fears? Wouldn't it be great if you were, if all of us were. (Wouldn't it be great if you weren't afraid of life, even!) Maybe one day, but for now - ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! - I present to you the 33 most common fears according to Self Help Collective (* See note(B))...

(Oh, as always, I'd love it if you got in touch. Please do share your thoughts!)




Most Common Fears

Most common fears - what this list of fears says...

So welcome to my lighthearted look at our most common fears. Yes, I'm sure these fears cause many of us a lot of suffering, but I think it's important that none of us forget that other common fear: fear of laughing at yourself.

So take a look at this list of fears, and have a little chuckle if you can!

Here goes...

List of
Most Common Fears
'Fancy Dan'
Latin Name

1. Fear of flying *1


One of the
Top 10 Fears

I think this should really be called fear of crashing!

2. Fear of public speaking *3


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One of the
Top 10 Fears

Again, this is really a fear of making a public ass of yourself! ;-)

3. Fear of heights*1


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And I think this top 10 fear is more about fear of jumping! Isn't it? :-O



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More Common Fears 'Fancy Dan'
Latin Name
4. Fear of the dark*2 Nyctophobia,
Hmm, do we ever truly lose this childhood fear?
5. Fear of intimacy*2  

One of the
Top 10 Fears

And not just suffered by men. Oh no!

6. Fear of death, dying*1 Necrophobia, Thanato-phobia

Er... nobody wants to die, do they? Guess you don't have to fear death, though!

7. Fear of failure*3 Kakorrhaphio-phobia I'd love to crack a joke about this fear but it's so pervasive, and so limiting. I'll just pull a sad face... :-(



Image of woman frightened to show her teeth? Or perhaps she is frightened of inspirational quotes!
"Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learn. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and prejudices and the acceptance of love back in our hearts...."
-- Marianne Williamson

Find more fear quotes here!



More Common Fears 'Fancy Dan'
Latin Name
8. Fear of rejection*3  

One of the
Top 10 Fears

And who hasn't suffered from this? Hands up, so we can all take a look at ya!

9. Fear of spiders*1


Just live in Africa for a while. That'll cure your phobia. "Spider? Call that a spider?..."
10. Fear of commit-ment *3


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One of the
Top 10 Fears

Calling yourself a commit-ment-phobe sounds like an excuse, to me. (Ooh!)

11. Fear of flowers*5 Anthrophobia,
I have no idea about this fear. I guess it's not men's fear of sending flowers to women.





More Common Fears 'Fancy Dan'
Latin Name
12. Fear of driving*1   I don't like driving, but I don't fear it. Perhaps this is about fear of being stuck in a traffic jam (gridlock)
13. Fear of dogs*1


Nope. I love dogs, me. But then I grew up with a dog. And maybe that's all that's needed here, or... maybe this is about fear of Rottweilers! :-O
14. Fear of dentists*1 Odonto-phobia,

This is a fear I share, I will happily admit.

But not to a dentist. I always give them 'the steely eye!' stare!



Image of frightened man in dentist chair. Dentist has snake wrapped around his neck! Lol
Could this be a man looking at dentist with
a snake wrapped around his neck?


More Common Fears 'Fancy Dan'
Latin Name
15. Fear of snakes*1 Ophidio-phobia,
Someone once told me that we are born with this fear? Really?
16. Fear of needles*1


Ouch! (Do I need to say any more?)
17. Fear of being alone*4 Eremophobia Hmm, time for another sad face I think.
:-( This has got to be one of the worst fears...



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More Common Fears 'Fancy Dan'
Latin Name
18. Fear of water*1


Isn't this really the fear of drowning, or are we talking about splashes of water sending people into convulsions?
19. Fear of god, of the lord*3 Zeuso-phobia I think you are actively encouraged to have this fear, ain't ya?
20. Fear of abandon-ment*4   Hmm, one of the very few instinctive fears in this list.
21. Fear of long words*5 Hippopoto-monstro-
sesquipp-edalio-phobia, Sesqui-pedalo-phobia
The fancy name for this fear - well, you just couldn't make it up, could you? (Well I couldn't!)
22. Fear of clowns*5 Coulro-phobia Is this just a fear of unfunny people, or fear of red noses and big feet?
23. Fear of falling*4 Basophobia,
Another innate fear. One of the few. Why do we all dream of falling, then, I wonder?


Image of man falling...
Wheee! I never want to wake up! Never!



More Common Fears 'Fancy Dan'
Latin Name
24. Fear of change*3


A.k.a. fear of anything new.

So I really hope someone suffering from this fear hasn't chanced upon all these new fears....
25. Fear of germs*1 Mysophobia Cough, cough, sneeze! Swine-flu anyone?
26. Fear of music*5   This must be an awful fear to suffer from. Imagine not liking music. Fans of [Insert name of pop band you hate here] don't need to imagine, eh!
27. Fear of doctors*1


I think this is fear of what Doctors can do to us and/or what they can make us do to ourselves.

(Or maybe it's the white coats that they wear?)
28. Fear of crowds*2


Got to admit, that as soon as I 'feel' there are too many people nearby - like in a large mall, or at a music concert - I feel a strong urge to leave.
How about you?
29. Fear of being touched*2 Haphe-phobia,
Again, not a nice fear to have. Especially if it means that you never get touched!.
30. Fear of open spaces*2 Agora-phobia Same as fear of crowds, apparently. Hmm, I think someone's messin' with me 'fancy dan ' names, here- these fears can't be the same. Can they?



Snake. Hopefully it hasn't noticed us...


The 33 most common fears
a la Self Help Collective (*See note(B)).




More Common Fears 'Fancy Dan'
Latin Name
31. Fear of engulf-ment*3   Related to fear of abandonment - just the opposite, though.
32. Fear of girls*2   Ooh, I'm not sure I should comment on this fear, I'm really not. So I won't! (Phew!)
33. Fear of thunder*4 Brontophobia A 'loud noise' fear I think, and another innate fear.



And, to summarise, for you all here is that list of most common fears again, all nice and neat...

Summary of Most Common Fears

01. Fear of flying
02. Fear of public speaking
03. Fear of heights
04. Fear of the dark
05. Fear of intimacy
06. Fear of death, dying
07. Fear of failure
08. Fear of rejection
09. Fear of spiders
10. Fear of commitment
11. Fear of flowers
12. Fear of driving
13. Fear of dogs
14. Fear of dentists
15. Fear of snakes
16. Fear of needles
17. Fear of being alone
18. Fear of water
19. Fear of god
20. Fear of abandonment
21. Fear of long words
22. Fear of clowns
23. Fear of falling
24. Fear of change
25. Fear of germs
26. Fear of music
27. Fear of doctors
28. Fear of crowds
29. Fear of being touched
30. Fear of open spaces
31. Fear of engulfment
32. Fear of girls
33. Fear of thunder
34. Fear of looking at lists of fears?




I grouped these fears into various types. And those types of fear are the following:

    1. Pain Fear

    2. Relational Pain Fear

    3. Self-Loathing Fear, and

    4. Innate Fears (i.e. fears we were born with). And then I added...

    5. Strange fears, for those odd fears that I could not easily explain!

Of course, if you disagree with my types of fear then please do let me know! I won't bite, promise! Or if you have any other comments, for that matter. You can contact me about these fears!


(B) How did I come up with this list of common fears?

Well... I used a keyword research tool, that's how. I simply determined the number of searches people made on the major search engines, and ordered it accordingly.

I actually used a tool with the snappy name of Brainstorm It! don't you know - that comes as part of a suite of internet business-building tools collectively known as SBI! - and my list is ordered by what is known as 'Value Demand'. (And I talk about SBI! on this SBI! self-improvement page, should you be interested!)

So, the list of fears above derives from the most common SEARCHES for fears - including "list of fears". Okay, I admit that it isn't that scientific, but it's still an interesting list, nevertheless. No? And if you have a better list of most common fears then I'd love you to share them with me!



Overcoming these Most Common Fears...

It's interesting to note that the majority of these most common fears are not innate; i.e. we have learned to have these fears. Which means the good news is that we can learn to not have them.

And that's why I've also included links to the Hypnosis Downloads website ( helping people since 1995 - read this page to see how self-hypnosis works) to help you overcome these fears.


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