Low Self Esteem: The Telltale Signs

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What is low self esteem?

Ah, that's a good question, and one that is answered on this page.

  • Basically, if you feel guilty all the time, let fear rule your life, are hindered by perfectionism, and if trust is an issue for you then you're probably suffering from low self-esteem.

That's according to Elaine Sihera, anyway, as you'll see and hear below.

  • This page is not about what causes low self esteem, but the symptoms and signs of it, and then how to overcome low self-esteem.

Alas, I have had an unhealthy knowledge of this subject as I probably suffered from 'no self esteem' for far too long. (Is that the sound of violins playing in the background? Wink! )

How about you? Do you have a self esteem story to tell? If so, do share!



13 Telltale Signs of Low Self-Esteem

What Elaine Sihera has to say...



NOTE: Elaine Sihera's website can be found at Elaine's Den


What I say...

Firstly, if you already KNOW you have poor self esteem and you're struggling as to what to do about it, then I can recommend you explore Hypnosis Download's Self Esteem page (filled with active ways to reprogram your own specific self-esteem issue, via the power of self-hypnosis!)

Okay, as I said above, I have suffered from a bad case of low self-esteem for most of my life. I wish I hadn't, I can assure you, as life is joyless, relationships are hard-work and moments of happiness are few and far between.

I make this confession now as

  1. I feel much better about life and about myself ( :-) ) and
  2. I fully recognise the signs that (my favourite) author Elaine Sihera mentions in her article, below:
  1. Guilt? Phew, I was King of guilt!

  2. Fear? Phew, it stopped me from properly starting a
    romantic relationship for over five years!

  3. Perfectionism? Phew, it's hard to do anything new
    when you won't let yourself make mistakes.


Yes, Elaine Sihera knows exactly what the low form of self esteem looks like. (I don't know why Elaine is so familiar with this subject. She's a successful, published author in personal development, and seems to be a happy woman. I guess she's good at empathy, or maybe she's survived tough times too; maybe she believes that if she can beat it then you can too...)

So I say hear what Elaine has to say about self esteem - her wisdom is insightful indeed!

Anyway, it's important to know if you have low self esteem - and Elaine provides several tell-tale signs, as I've said. As important, though, is doing something about it; i.e. improving self esteem.

(And if, by doing something, you'd then like to be able to:

1. Deal with criticisms and rejections, and more
2. Improve your relationships with others
3. Move away from self-pity, self-hate and self-blame...

Then I can recommend you check out Hypnosis Download's Self Esteem page as all of this is available there right now. Enjoy.)


So what is low self esteem? It's low self respect; it's also a waste of the greatest resource that you will ever, ever own: YOU. Thankfully, improving self esteem starts here...

As always, I'd love to hear your opinions about self-esteem.

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