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  • You think the world should hear more about this guru-free self help - a unique place where YOU are encouraged to be your own guru, where your wisdom is as important as everybody else's, where your experiences are welcomed!

  • You loved the hand-picked collection of inspirational quotes and inspirational poems; you engaged with our thoughts on happiness and fear; you contributed your story to the Collective, too!

  • Or... you just want us to link back to you! (Well, we might - we just might!)

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If you run a website and you'd like to link to the Self Help Collective, can I suggest that you do the following:

  1. SWAP LINKS or reciprocal linking?

    If you want to swap links then please join the SiteSell Value Exchange link exchange program and link to us there (it's free to join, and you'll find SelfHelpCollective, as well as many other great sites to link to) - that's how I like to do link-swapping these days! :-)

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    If you'd like to get a one-way link from to your site only, then contribute a unique story (NOT article) and include your site url

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    And if you just want to link to Self Help Collective, one-way, then why not follow the linking instructions below!...

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Inspirational Quotes from

Want to use this inspirational quote on your website? Just copy/paste the code below (and let us know, eh!)


Inspirational Quotes from

Want to use this inspirational quote on your website? Just copy/paste the code below (and let us know, eh!)


Link to our
free Inspirational Quotes PDF?

Just copy/paste the code below onto your website! :-) It links to our inspirational quotes page where all visitors can download the quotes ebook, free, without providing an email address...

Inspirational Quotes Ebook - Free to download!
Free Inspirational Quotes Ebook
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Most Common Fears Link?

Do you have one of the 33 most common fears?

Share this fun page, by adding the code below to your website...


Simple Text Link?

Or you could simply add the following code to an in-context part of your website

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If you're interested in guru-free self-help that doesn't claim to have all the answers, then you could do a lot worse than visit Steve M Nash's Self Help Collective website. It's worth a good look around.

Thank you for linking to!

Really! :-)

Steve M Nash

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