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RESPOND, don't react!

That's what I say, anyway, as the basis of how to talk to people better - how to improve your communication skills.

As you'll hear if you listen to the YouTube video below, where I also discuss Michael Lee's 'improve your communication skills' wisdom.

This is one area I consider myself to be an expert - the area of improving the skills of communicating - as, alas, I've needed to do a lot of improving...



Improve Your Communication Skill and Succeed

What I say...

So what's the difference between responding and reacting? Great question, and glad you asked, but... you KNOW the difference, really!

  • Responding is all about listening to what's being said - really listening - and replying from a place of love (rather than fear - which is where anger comes from).

  • Reacting is about ignoring everything BUT what you think is being said, and blasting a reply back 'from the hip' without giving it due thought.

As I say in the video below, it's about 'how I feel' rather than 'what you do' - it's about taking responsibility for YOUR feelings, but still sharing them with the other person. And it's about allowing the other person to do the same.

This is how I go about improving my communication skills these days.

Oh, I'm also a BIG fan of using silence in communication too. (It works on your own too, and it's called meditation.)

Michael's wisdom on communication skills is commonsense really:

- but if you follow the advice then your communication skills will improve.

And isn't that the point? Most self-help is obvious, really, but the trick is putting it into action.

So I say put at least one of Michael's methods of improving your communication skills into practice today, and let me know how you got on!

Anyway, over to Michael...


What Michael Lee has to say...


NOTE: Michael Lee's website is

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