High Self Esteem or Healthy Self-Esteem?

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How high is healthy?...

  • Did you know that there's a difference between a healthy self esteem and an unhealthy high self-esteem?
  • Yes, an unhealthy high self-esteem has many of the symptoms of low self esteem, it seems
  • I share my understanding of this subject, as well as a video about positive self-esteem.

High self esteem quote by Joan Didion

So read on, to find out more... (and, of course, please feel free to share your views, too!)



The Problem With High Self-esteem

What I say...

A couple of questions for you, about self-esteem:

  • Do you have an unhealthy self-esteem? Well, look out for self-worthiness, narcissism, and feelings of superiority.


    Do you have a balanced self esteem? Well, look out for feelings of contentment within yourself and towards others.

Do you understand this distinction?

Funnily enough, until recently I never believed in the notion of an unhealthy high self esteem. I thought that there was low self esteem - unhealthy, not helpful to you nor to the people in your life - and high positive self esteem. And that's it. But it turns out that some people's self-esteem can be high in an unhealthy way.

So what happened recently to make me aware of this so-called unhealthy variety of self esteem. Well, let's just say that I met someone with many of the so-called symptoms of high self-esteem, namely:

  • An individual who felt superior, and who also displayed

  • Patronizing behaviour patterns

Message to that person (who shall remain unnamed):

"People with healthy self-esteem do not feel
superior to others and do not get irritated
if someone is less capable then they are!"

(There, that's told them! Hee hee.)

In fact, on the contrary, I suggest that if you have a healthy self esteem it means you most probably recognise qualities (and strengths) in others that these people themselves do not recognise. So...

High self esteem should be enabling. It should empower you,
and it should empower the people you come into contact with, too!

That's what I say, anyway. (And maybe we could all do with testing our self-esteem, just to make sure, using the highly regarded The Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale. Maybe.)

So that means that a high (and healthy) self esteem does NOT mean

  • indulging in drugs binges,
  • having to prove yourself,
  • being in denial,
  • being prone to road rage or violence...

It doesn't mean anything bad, actually...



High self esteem - what YOU (and YouTube) say...

Maybe, just maybe you don't like my negative impression of positive self esteem. Maybe you think a healthy self esteem IS a high self-esteem, a bit like what this YouTube video believes...


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