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How happy is the world?

How happy am I? And how happy are you? ...Hmm, intriguing questions indeed. Difficult to answer, too - well, when it comes to personal happiness anyway.

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I guess surveys on world happiness usually show us that it's not always the rich and famous amongst us who are the happiest, just as people living in the richest countries are not necessarily happier than those living in poor ones. Ain't happiness contrary?

  • To help us all find happiness, I've included links to recommended happiness surveys from the BBC (and others), as well as my own thoughts about happiness - my own 'happiness facts'.

But before all that, I'd like to start the Self Help Collective happiness survey, by asking YOU this simple question:



Happiness Surveys

What I say...

Rather than talk to you about happiness surveys in general, I'm going to share with you a very personal happiness survey of one - my own!

I'm going to tell you how happy I am right now, as of 11.14am on June 4th, 2008.

(I checked this page over at 16.49 on Sep 2nd 2013, by the way - just in case you're thinking this page is OLD! AND I checked it again, 5th October, 2017 @ 4.55pm BST, too. And today it's July 27th, 2018 as I let you know about my brand new program called, Remembering the 'Happiness Within'!)

It will be personal (I hope you don't mind) but instructional nevertheless, and it might encourage you to share your own happiness thoughts with the rest of us too! Hint, hint!


Happiness Survey of Steve M Nash (that's me!)

Well, a bit about me, I guess (as of June, 2008):

  1. I work for myself (at home) so I have no boss ordering me around and telling me to do 'stupid things'; my ideas do not go un-listened to; and I don't have to commute to work, either. Still, working at home can be a bit lonely at times.

  2. I'm not rich, but I'm not poor either. I don't have lots of gadgets or the most expensive sports car (I don't own a car, actually) but I do okay. I make a passive income from websites like TextMeFree.com, so I could take the whole week off and still get paid.

  3. I've just broken up from my girlfriend (of 5 months) - a woman I loved! It was a mutual decision but (I now think) a wrong one. I'm trying to get back with her but am not hopeful (there's an email waiting for me that I'm sure is marked 'Dear John' - tch, you'd think that she'd know my name by now, wouldn't you!).

  4. I'd like to be a father, and I'm wondering (at aged 43) whether that will ever happen for me now.

  5. I'm fit and healthy and I have a reasonable social life, but I could do with breaking out of my social routine a little more.

  6. I've finally got around to writing my first novel last year. Something I've been putting off for 20 years. But the book's a bit weird (and probably unpublishable), and the first rejection slip I received a few days ago will not be the last I'm sure. I'm going to start my second novel in August anyway.

  7. I'm meeting a good friend this evening and with the intention of communicating, listening and having a laugh.

  8. And I love where I live; the sun is shining too...

    (Are the above reasons to make you happy?)


So how happy am I, a man aged 43 (50, at time of re-proofing), home-owner living in England, still single and with too many tendencies to choose to be negative?

My happiness rating is 99% - yes, I'm pretty darned happy!

I love working (for myself) on this website; I love my family and friends; and I know that I can meet the challenges ahead of me, even if that means nursing a broken heart for a while! So you know what, I've never been happier! Seriously.

Actually, it helps if you don't take life too seriously. (Ah, that's where I've been going wrong all this time!)

Okay, that's me. Please share your own survey now, even if you're not happy, but do think of some positive things happening in your life (as well as negative) - they will be there, if you look hard enough.



What these recommended resources say...

Happiness surveys really can offer surprising insights into how the world sees itself. And quite often the more the world has the less happy it is. Anyway, I've collected some highly respected happiness facts, or happiness information, so you can see for yourself:

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