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Without setting goals in your life...

and then taking action... where would any of us be?

Yes, goal setting is as important as any other self-help topic listed here, in my humble opinion. And whilst there may well be many goal setting strategies out there...

  • This page contains tips on setting goals that explain why making your goals SMART goals is one recommended way to go
  • Also find goal setting examples, here, including tips for setting career goals (see video) and Ryan Celestain's YouTube video that can help you reach a personal goal

Anyway, there's only one thing left to do, really, and that's start...



Goal Setting Tips

What I say...

I hate to admit this, but I think I am quite typical when it comes to setting goals for myself - either in my work- or personal-life - in that I avoid doing it as much as I can!

What an admission, eh!

But I do still realise the importance of setting goals in your life so that you can achieve things that are important to you. E.g. a new job, a new hobby, a big home improvement project, continued education, etc.

So, as with quite a lot of the self-help on offer here, this goal setting information is as much for my benefit as it is for yours.

And I do - like you probably - get around to goal-setting every now and then. Even for big projects like writing a novel, or learning to play an instrument or building a brand new website (called SelfHelpCollective.com) - I eventually sat down and wrote down some goals, and then I took action...

So here are a few very of my goal setting steps. They're a bit basic, but I do think you'll achieve whatever you want in life if you follow them...

Tip 1: Know why you want to achieve the goal.

Tip 2: Make sure you take some action on these goals, today.

Short and sweet goal setting tips, for sure. But still.



What Sharon Alexander has to say...



NOTE: Sharon Alexander runs http://www.claimthatjob.com



Goal setting tips - what YouTube (and Ryan Celestain) say..

Ryan Celestain shows you how he reached his goal of running a sub-60 minute 15km race, after previously failing to break 60 minutes. This goal-setting video is 10-minutes long, but it does make a great goal setting example and illustrates the importance of setting goals - and telling everybody about them - and then being determined to follow them through with action!

So, Ryan's goal setting strategies include: go public!

Anyway... Go, Ryan, go!



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