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Are you looking for happiness?

You want to know how to find happiness do you, and learn the secret of happiness, well you've come to the right place.

  • Miami Phillips, Maze and I are going to show you how to find happiness right here on this very web page about happiness...

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But it'll cost you, for sure, because the key to happiness is understanding...

Happiness is a choice!

Can you pay that price? Can you really accept that somewhat clichéd statement about happiness? Or is seeking happiness more important than actually being happy? Hmm, well, let's see if Me, Miami and Maze can help you with your choices. And your views on finding happiness are most welcome too!



Find Happiness By Looking Inside

What I say...

The first thing I have to say is that I really enjoyed reading Miami Phillips article and summarising it in video form (see below). It made me happy just reading it!

And that's because Miami makes it clear (as does Maze in the video below) that there can be no joy without pain even in a happy life. "If you base your happiness on external circumstances, you will continuously fail to find happiness." Yes, yes, yes, Miami, I completely agree with you - thanks

So how have I found happiness, then? Well I've understood my needs for one thing - to live in the open air, and the beautiful West Yorkshire landscapes - and I've made sure I live there, to the detriment, maybe, of earning more money by living in a bigger city (e.g. London).

So happiness comes from knowing what makes you happy in the first place, and making it so, but it also comes from understanding that happiness really is a choice to be made no matter what. (Fact is, some people feel 'happy' being miserable, they really do!)

Self-awareness, and awareness of self-sabotaging behaviours is very important here.


2017 UPDATE: awareness and self-awareness still important, but labelling behaviours as 'self-sabotaging' isn't particular useful I now realise.

Find out more here - Problems, Innate Happiness and You



What Miami Phillips has to say...



NOTE: Miami Phillips shares more here:



What Frankie Beverly and Maze have to to say...

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist including this Maze video I found on. Reminds me of the joy and pain of my first love! Ahhhh. (The song is called Joy and Pain, by the way!)

How to find happiness? I think you can find it in the audience of this Maze concert, ladies and gentlemen, I really do...


Great song! Thank you, Maze - thank you!

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