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...like eating a tasty, well-prepared meal with your hands tied behind your back:

  • It takes much longer for you to eat the meal,
  • You most likely make a mess,
  • And you will probably never ever want to eat again (even though it's necessary for your continued growth).

Well, you can kind of see where I'm coming from there. (I hope.) If not, this is how this fear can also be summarised:

"Success fear is real! And it makes achieving
any real success difficult and unlikely"

This page (with YouTube video) explains more, and I also give some success fear examples too... It also provides you with recommended resources as to how to deal with this fear.



Characteristics Of Fear Of Success

Success fear - what I say...

Oh boy, I've been looking forward to talking about this fear almost since I had the idea for this website in February 2008. I mean, how can anyone fear 'success'? It just sounds crazy, doesn't it, and yet... success fear is very real.

Let me give you some 'success fear' examples:

  • There's the perpetual dieter who loses pounds and pounds of weight (success!) only to put it all on again straight afterwards (success fear!)

  • There's the man who, after a few months of diligence on the internet dating site, meets a suitable woman (success!) only for him to find fault with this woman within weeks, and for him to then have to start all over again (success fear or fear of intimacy!)

  • There's the business owner who creates their own business (success!) but doesn't let it grow, through lack of vision or ambition (success fear!) - this is one (of many) reasons why people struggle to succeed with their home business.

The odd thing about these examples is that, quite often, it looks like there is no fear of being successful, just success (i.e. the dating man convinces himself that he has successfully weeded out yet another 'unsuitable')

Okay, let's get a few things straight! Fear of success...

  1. is real!
  2. is everywhere
  3. is really FEAR OF CHANGE

I didn't coin that piece of wisdom (alas) - I read it somewhere (and I'll remember where, soon), but it's true nevertheless.

"Fear of success is fear of change!"


So what's the answer?

Well, as always the solution to any problem comes from recognising that you have the problem in the first place. Then it's a matter of taking the necessary action (see recommended resources below, for one such action you could take). Simple, really!

(NOTE: Whist this page is part of a series of pages on success, it could also be part of a series of pages on fear, too!)

Anyway, more of my thoughts follow (on YouTube)...


What I say on YouTube...




What this recommended resource says...

Overcoming so-called success fear is probably one of the things that separates 'winners' (success-types) from 'losers'. And there are many ways to challenge what limits us, for sure, but one recommended way is for us to quite literally reprogram ourselves - and self-hypnosis is a great way of doing just that!

So, yes, the following 'hypnotic' resource (from HypnosisDownloads.com - staffed by qualified professionals, and online since 1995) provides you with a way to reprogram your own mind to overcome this fear: overcome success fear self-hypnosis script.

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