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I don't think you can know too much about developing assertiveness, whoever you are

... it's such an important life skill, after all.

Just think about the people you admire - the people with lots of friends, or successful people or plain happy folk - they usually get their way, or are okay when they don't. And you rarely see them lose their cool. So...

  • Appropriate assertiveness starts with understanding what assertiveness is - and it's explained quite simply in the videos below
  • Assertiveness training, assertiveness inventory, assertiveness skills - all are covered, I think.


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How To Assert Yourself And Avoid Conflict

What I say...

Let me share with you my fundamental belief about assertiveness that once understood by you (and by me) WILL help you and I both to see assertiveness as the ONLY helpful way to communicate:

  • When YOU express yourself, your needs, in a way that is clear and open and honest, and fair to you and I both, then you enable me to do the same with you

Or, in other words, the world expresses its love when you express your love, the world SHINES when YOU shine.

Assertiveness is merely self-expression:
showing the world WHO you are!

Once you understand that you're actually doing the world a favour, therefore, by being assertive it makes developing your assertiveness skills much less about you, and much more about the rest of us. Don't you see!

Having said all that I will stress that assertiveness has not been my strong point in the past and I'm as eager to learn how to develop assertiveness as you might be. So I shall simply say that Michael's assertiveness wisdom is thought-provoking.

However, if you'd like some more concrete examples of assertiveness - what assertiveness is, what aggressiveness is, and how to develop assertiveness etc - then take a quick look at this video by It's very informative indeed...

(Note: You might recognise [insert name of annoying person you know here!], but you might also recognise yourself too (I certainly recognised myself)... )

Watch, and listen, closely! And let me know what you think about assertiveness!

Oh, and I'd prefer it, naturally - as an assertiveness exercise - if you'd be assertive (rather than passive aggressive, or aggressive) when you did so!)



What Michael Lee has to say...

Okay, now it's time for Michael and his assertiveness wisdom...

NOTE: Michael Lee's website is

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