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The meaning of happiness, then?...

Well, there is a WikiPedia definition (and thousand of other happiness definitions, like it) and then there is your definition - and...

  • I believe, it is YOUR definition that really counts.

But Elaine Sihera can help you define happiness for yourself if you like...

  • Elaine shares her 'what is happiness article' (watch video below) and shares the view, 'happiness is not a destination, it's a state of mind'

  • And Charles Spurgeon says, "It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. "

  • And Steve M Nash - that's me, by the way - thinks that happiness is in the eye of the beholder (together with beauty, truth, reality etc.).

Could we all be right? Do get involved and let us know your thoughts - thanks.

So, how to define happiness - a true, authentic happiness - read on...



Definition of Happiness

What I say...

Okay, my happiness definition? I don't really have one.

Just like I can't tell you how great it is to feel the sunshine on my face or how wonderful it is to kiss your lover or how great it is to relax in your favourite chair (and not feel like you should be doing something else).

Happiness just is, in my opinion.

Happiness means the same thing as authentic happiness, and the moment you start to define happiness, or to describe the keys to happiness, then that's the moment you're in pursuit of happiness and, importantly, you're not happy. Again, in my humble opinion.

Maybe happiness IS about feeling humble? Maybe that's a definition?

Maybe it's about having a heightened sense of self-esteem and confidence and letting go of fear.

Maybe you know better about happiness and are prepared to say so. Do so here: what is happiness to you?)


What Elaine Sihera has to say...

As for me, I am a fan of Elaine Sihera! I love reading or listening to her her self-help views, and her definition of happiness is no exception. So Elaine says that happiness comes from loving your self and is not derived from someone else's love of you (the so-called 'someone to complete me' syndrome). And I wholeheartedly agree.

I also think that happiness is not sought - I explain more on the art of happiness page - and it is not decided by your circumstances, either. Elaine uses the expression, 'happiness is a state of mind based on our sense of worth'. Hallelujah!

Elaine's a happy woman. She describes herself as "Sixty, Sexy, Savvy and Soaring!" - so clearly happiness is not about being young, at least to Elaine. (And I've never been happier, as you'll see on this happiness survey page - despite some recent personal setbacks!)

Anyway, it really must be time for me to share Elaine's wisdom with you. As usual, I'd love to hear your opinions too...



ELAINE SIHERA is a Personal Empowerment, Relationships and Diversity Consultant. Elaine's books are available at Amazon and Amazon UK and you'll find topics like definition of happiness and similar included.


2017 UPDATE: my defintion of happiness has changed in recent years, and it's much more in line with this blog post at sister site -

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