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"How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the causes of it."

Marcus Aurelius said these wise words nearly two thousand years ago. He knew the importance of anger control, of dealing with anger. And I think you do too! That's why you're here:

  • Read what Abhishek Agarwal has to say about how to control anger
  • Read about my thoughts on expressing anger, too!
  • Find recommended resources mentioned throughout

Of course, your thoughts on anger are welcome too! Always...



Managing Anger - 5 Easy Ways To Control Anger

What I say...

Hmm, I wish I could tell you that I have all the answers for how I control anger but I don't. In many ways I am still like Dave Buznik (played by Adam Sandler) in that film called Anger Management whereby I just let things (that anger me) 'go'.

But I am not dealing with my anger and I am not expressing anger - it's stays inside of me, waiting for an opportunity to reveal itself... HORRIBLY!

(And you only have to read my anger management story titled, "No, I Do NOT Want To Play Cards" to see how bad I can be at controlling anger!)


  • I am a big believer in change - I can change, and so can you!

  • Even writing these pages on anger has helped me.

  • And hearing what Abhishek Agarwal has to say (below) has helped me, too.

And Abishek believes dealing with anger is all about expressing anger, whilst also calming yourself too! As well as learning how to think differently about the 'problem situation' in the first place.

Two things then that help in controlling anger are:

  1. Learning how to meditate - meditation is a great way to learn how to calm yourself and to calm your mind.

  2. Learning how to forgive - forgiveness is at the heart of effective anger control, I believe.

And that's exactly what I intend to continue doing in 2013 and the years that follow: meditate and forgive more! (And you'll be able to see the extra glow in my face for doing so, I'm sure! )

Okay, please listen to my thoughts on Abhishek Agarwal 'dealing with anger' wisdom...



What Abhishek Agarwal has to say...

(The 5 ways how to control anger...)




What these recommended resources say...

And if you need to know more about controlling anger - dealing with, or expressing your anger - then I can highly recommend you learn how to reprogram your reactions:

  • Self-Hypnosis is one way to reprogram unhealthy reactions, to change the way you respond. And Hypnosis Downloads' Anger Control script is ideal for helping you to control your anger...

  • The Sedona Method is another way for you to learn how to welcome, in the moment, what you're feeling, including anger. And this welcoming allows you to 'let go' - extremely powerful process!

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