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"How to build self confidence?"

Well, Shannon Columbo thinks you could...

  • Stop saying 'should'
  • Stop being critical
  • Take time to yourself, and
  • Think positively

And she says all of this via the video I recorded below (a summary of her article called 'Boost Your Self-Confidence: 9 Easy Hints').

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And she goes on to explain how to build self confidence, and why it's so important to do so.

And I share my 'gaining self confidence' views also, in both text and video form...



How to Build Self Confidence

What I say...

Self-confidence comes in handy, whether you are looking for a new job, going on a first date, or joining a local class for the first time! I've found self-confidence even more important with people that already know you, and already have expectations of you - failing here is worse! It takes confidence to still try to do new things or be somebody 'better' in their eyes. (Which actually means being 'better' in YOUR eyes - you are the person who knows you best, after all!)

So it's always good to keep reminding yourself that you ARE already confident - that's my building self confidence tip - whilst continually gaining self confidence is also important. (Especially for that particular day when you go on a first date, start a new job and join a new local class! Phew!)

Yes, it's vital that you acknowledge your current levels of confidence. It's just not true that you have NO confidence at all. You may lack confidence, fair enough, but you're doing yourself a huge disservice if you do not at least recognise where you actually DO have confidence.

So remind yourself you ALREADY have confidence.

More about self confidence? Listen below, for more of what I say...

Oh, I think the self confidence tip about taking time for yourself is so important, I really do. Everyone's life would be better if they just pandered themselves a little bit more. (Don't you think?) Anyway...


What Shannon Columbo has to say...



NOTE: I summarised the words of Shannon Columbo in this video

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