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Question: Why does the world need another self help website?

Q. What's so 'special' about SelfHelpCollective.com?

Q. And who the heck is Steve M Nash, and what does he know about personal development and the like? (And what else am I going to find on this 'about us' page?)

Ah, so many questions... And here are some answers:

  • You'll find links to free self improvement resources
  • You'll find links to my favourite self-help articles
  • You'll find inspiring and amusing videos, too

As for the answers to the other questions, let me introduce myself, first...


Steve M Nash image
Hello. My name is Steve M Nash and this is me in 2010 – A man with dreadlocks no less!



SelfHelpCollective.com is a guru-free website, which means... I ain't no 'guru'. Specifically, this means the following, as regards the self help advice you'll find here:

  • I have no 'credentials'; I have no medical degree
  • I am (currently) not a published author; I have not published any professional journals
  • The material on this site is not backed by any respected mental health organisations (Read site terms for more....)

Now this type of 'professional proof' may well be important to you and if it is - professionals do have their place, after all - then this site's a good place to look: Mental Health America, as is this one Mental Health Foundation.

If, however, you're someone who believes fundamentally in their own power, and in their own judgement (as I do, and as I urge you to do), then you will rely on your own judgement of what you read (at SelfHelpCollective.com) first and foremost, no matter where the 'advice' comes from.

Thank you - Steve.
PS And if you're interested in my self-help experiences, and where my 'knowledge' and wisdom comes from, then please read on...



About Steve M Nash - what I say...

Call it 'feeling different to others', call it awkward shyness, call it what you will - for whatever reason, I have ALWAYS been interested in how people work, how I work. Even as a boy...

Steve M Nash as a boy

So initially I blamed "the world" for being hard to understand, looked to others to be reasonable, and I took NO personal responsibility for how I felt (had no idea that It was important to do so). I was negative, 'unpopular' and spent much of my life on my own. (No, no need to get out the violins... just yet, anyways! ;-) )

And, even though my journey of personal discovery has been a slooooow one at times, the personal insights I've experienced over the last 15 years or so - via life experience, reading self-help books, and other personal growth tools - have helped me understand so much more about 'the meaning of life, the universe and everything'.

I am still a work-in-progress, obviously, but now:

  1. I take responsibility for my life (both successes and failures)
  2. I understand that *I* am all I need, and
  3. I continue to learn, continue to grow, continue to live
    (...continue to laugh, continue to love)

    ALL of which I explore more at my transformative coaching site



I am a fan of self-help...

Enter stage left, the world of self-help and 'spirituality'... I read books, bought CDs and DVDs, watched YouTube videos - anything to help me understand myself, and thus to help me understand the world.

And whilst I am less of a fan of self-help than I used to be - I believe self-help chases the symptom, and not the source - I am grateful for its part in my growth.


(I am not a fan of 'gurus'...)

Yes, so-called 'experts' (self-help gurus) serve a purpose but... ultimately, your life is your own responsibility and you must make the decisions and take the relevant actions etc., and rely on your own self to do so. (And if the experts and gurus were a little bit more honest about their own limitations you'd hear these words from them too!)

So if you take anything from this SelfHelpCollective.com website, please let it be these words:


"Learn from others... but teach yourself!"
- Steve M Nash


So, yes, the Self Help Collective is about unlocking the wisdom that is inside YOU. This site aims to encourage you to use that wisdom - a collective wisdom; so who I am is not really important. Well I don't think so, anyway.

Think of me as a facilitator.

And if you could do a better job, or if you think you know more about a particular self-help subject, then great - get in touch and share your wisdom!



I am a fan of inspirational quotes...

Yes, I am a fan of inspirational quotes - I think the wisdom that they often possess says more than a thousand words can. Inspirational quotations like these:

Galileo inspirational quote

"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings
because it has a song."

-- Maya Angelou

(More inspirational women quotes here...)

"People of character do the right thing, not because they
think it will change the world but because they refuse to
be changed by the world."

-- Michael Josephson

(Find more inspirational quotes here...)



(1) My old newsletter, The Weekly Wonder, contained my thoughts on a particular quotation - what it really means for us to embrace and embody some particular wisdom. Sometimes I share my thoughts in the written form, and other times I share my thoughts by video. For example:

(2) The Weekly Wonder newsletter was replaced by a daily quotes newsletter (The Daily Delight) in May 2021, however. (You can subscribe here.)



I am a fan of you, me, everyone...

Overall, I believe in you (and me) to make a positive difference to your world (and mine).

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Contact us


I believe it's important that we see ourselves for who we truly are.

I believe that we should learn from others, but teach ourselves - that is why SelfHelpCollective.com exists: to offer guru-free, non-prescriptive tips and advice on self-help and personal development. If you know better, fine; if you don't agree with what your read here, fine.

Thanks for reading,

steve m nash signature (ona good day!)

Steve M Nash

PS I would just like to share you with a few more of my favourite self-help resources, for you, that you might benefit from. In no particular order:

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